About Us ?

iManage is an international Canadian consulting firm providing the most qualified permanent and contract manpower, the online consulting and services to diverse clients around all over the world. We are covering the Oil & Gas, infrastructure, construction and mining Markets. Also, we are providing the training services on all the project management domains.

Our Consultants have a very rich experience on many sectors as permanent or contractual employees. They are all experts in their field. They are continuously attending seminars and certifications in order to be updated and fully aware of the industry, laws, standards and regulations evolution.

Our services are personalized and adapted in order to answer the clients/candidates professional needs.

Our teams work hard and have the full knowledge that gives us the ability to recommend and place the adequate candidate for the right position and ensure the success for both candidates and clients.

  • Contract Contract iManage has the qualified team to refer you the right contractual candidate for the adequate position.
  • Permanent Permanent iManage makes sure that the candidate for a permanent role fit your company as well as the job description.
  • Online consulting Online consulting iManage makes under your disposition the project management and Legal advisors during all the period of your projects.
  • Trainings Trainings iManage will take the necessary time to understand your needs in order to refer you the most personalized training programs.