Oil & Gas

iManage provide the contract and permanent personnel, the online consulting and the trainings services to the global Oil & Gas Industry. We work and support the activities of the engineering and construction companies around the world.

This gives us the ability to understand the market and offer a proactive consultancy services to both our clients and contractors. We assist permanently our clients in order to advise them on the market rates, skills shortages and other market intelligence.

Nous assistons d’une façon permanente nos clients pour leur offrir les conseils en relations avec les prix, les besoins et la situation du marché.

We offer to our contractors all the relevant career advices which permit us to understand their needs and recommend them the best solutions and candidates.


iManage supply a range of construction and engineering personnel to the mining projects around the globe. We have implemented many successful recruitment campaigns on behalf of our clients from the design phase through construction to commissioning.

With our industry knowledge we can work across the full range of resourcing requirements providing the highest qualified personal to our clients and contractors.

Construction and Infrastructure

iManage’s success in the infrastructure sector is built on our long standing relationships with leading contractors in the design, construction and project management.

iManage have developed a large industry knowledge that allowed us to deliver efficient, qualified and experienced personnel most adequate to our clients and contractor’s needs.

  • Contract Contract iManage has the qualified team to refer you the right contractual candidate for the adequate position.
  • Permanent Permanent iManage makes sure that the candidate for a permanent role fit your company as well as the job description.
  • Online consulting Online consulting iManage makes under your disposition the project management and Legal advisors during all the period of your projects.
  • Trainings Trainings iManage will take the necessary time to understand your needs in order to refer you the most personalized training programs.